Darragh Broadbent

Yorkshire, UK [email protected]

Postgraduate researcher in additive manufacture and metrology at Huddersfield University. My other speciality is fluid dynamics in the aerospace and maritime domains. My core skills are meshing, setting up, executing and post processing flow solutions and structural models, using primarily ANSYS and STAR-CCM+ software. My other skills include practical testing of fluid dynamic models, engineering design, structural engineering, and turbomachinery.


Key Skills & Tools
  • Meshing, using ANSYS ICEM, Pointwise and STARCCM+
  • Fluid dynamics, with ANSYS CFX, Fluent and STARCCM+
  • Structural engineering, using ANSYS Mechanical and hand calculations
  • Turbomachinery, using ADT Turbodesign Suite and ANSYS Turbogrid
  • Engineering design, CAD and prototyping
  • Testing and evaluation, using both experimental and computational methods
  • QA measurements using Renishaw REVO 2 5 axis CMM, MODUS and Blade measurement toolkit
  • 3D printing using FDM and LCD printers, particularly with novel materials


Post Graduate Researcher

Huddersfield University
  • My PhD programme is a part of the Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) and focuses on the utilisation of metrology to enable the adoption of additive manufacturing processes.
November 2021 - Current

Yorkshire Coordinator

  • 3DCrowd was formed in 2020 to deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) to local hospitals and healthcare. At last count 3DCrowd had delivered in excess of 180,000 pieces of PPE across the UK
  • I was coordinating the effort across Yorkshire, which meant spinning up local hubs to assemble, clean and deliver PPE
  • Assisted in sourcing appropriate material as well as organising logistics
  • Developed quality assurance documentation and hub processes
  • Worked with other local groups to help identify and fulfil demand
  • Gave instruction about the processes involved, particularly to the Namibian High Commision
March 2020 - December 2021

CFD Engineer

  • Worked within the Integrated Working Team (IWT) which is responsible for the design of the propulsor for the DREADNOUGHT submarine programme
  • Performed flow simulations to assess the performance of the propulsion system and generate information that goes into the design process for the system
  • Supported the design of the propulsor by generating grids to facilitate the flow solutions, as well as reporting
  • Generated propulsor designs using the in-house turbomachinery code, as well as assess the candidate designs for fluid dynamic and acoustic performance using BROADBAND and NARROW
  • Leading model scale experiments
  • Created scale model builds, which require a combination of simulation, structural calculations and design work
  • I was responsible for the metrology of model scale propulsors that are produced by QinetiQ Haslar, these measurements contributed to the assurance process for the model test
  • I was required to lead a number of projects, including an experiment in a French hydrodynamic facility, the goal of the experiment was to measure unsteady forces present in the shaft line of an in-service submarine. I was responsible for the planning and execution of the experiment as well as the analysis and reporting of data
September 2014 - September 2019


S&C Thermofluids
  • My work with S&C involved a number of different aspects, computational fluid dynamics was the main focus, but I also did mechanical design, fabrication, and practical testing
  • I worked on a number of different CFD projects, including nozzle and intake simulations, heat transfer and radiation modelling as well as heating and ventilation simulations for armoured fighting vehicles
  • Experience of PLUMES which is a piece of CFD software designed to calculate the Infra-Red signature of a solid rocket motor or air breathing engine plume.
  • In my time at S&C I used Pointwise meshing software to generate both structured and unstructured meshes, as well as using Fluent for the simulations
July 2013 - June 2014


Sheffield Hallam University

Bachelor of Science
Aerospace Engineering

During my time at university I had a particular interest in Aerodynamics, my final year project was on Hypersonic Aerodynamic Design. This course has a large computational fluid dynamics element, I also gained experience in fabrication, including milling, turning, TIG and MIG welding

2008 - 2013

Additional Information

I spend my spare time playing bass, cooking and eating weird and wonderful food and I do a lot of hiking. I build computers and home automation electronics using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. I also maintain a home server that functions as a NAS device, media centre and the web server that this website is hosted on!